Born and raised on an isolated ranch just north of the Mexican Border, Linnaeus Hart has mixed feelings about his pending sixteenth birthday. “Don’t put your hand where your eye can’t see!” has been his mother’s daily advice for as along as he can remember. She reminds him yet again as he and his classmate and neighbor, Anita Lopez, set out into the mountains above their ranch on what seems to be a routine errand. The two teenagers soon find that their rugged mountains conceal far more than rattlesnakes and scorpions. An unexpected discovery takes them back to the era of slavery in West Africa and the American South, war with Mexico and treaties made and broken with the Indians that once called the Sonoran Desert home. As sinister forces drive them even deeper into the wilderness, the two friends must rely on their skill with horses and their intimate knowledge of the high desert to survive as they learn hard lessons about love, loyalty, family and faith.

                                                About the Author

Steve Brown was born and grew up on a cattle ranch in the Santa Rita Mountains northeast of Nogales, Sonora/Arizona.  He has worked as a meat cutter, a high school teacher, a grant writer and a community organizer. 

His childhood memories and camping trips to the Sonoran Desert, combined with the circumstances he encounters in his work, provide inspiration for the landscapes and characters that appear in his fiction.  His first published book, Sol Y Sombra, introduced the two ranch families that Concealed follows.   

As a Declared Elder in the “ManKind Project” (http://mankindproject.org/), his mission is “to create a safe world by practicing compassion in all his daily encounters.” 

Steve’s passion for justice is rivaled only by his love for horses, the ever-changing landscape of the Sonoran Desert, and old Willys Jeeps. 

E-mail him at comsol@cape.com.

Cover and Illustrations by Jen Colligan

Kuehne, www.coloringwalls.com

“Concealed” can be purchased from Steve Brown, the author, at commonwealthsolutions1@gmail.com,

  1. -or at the Northshire Bookstore in Manchester Center, Vermont

  2. -or order online from the Shire Press (www.northshire.com)